Market Size & Validation

We look at traction that produces rapid growth in large and expanding markets.

Unique Selling Proposition

We look for a USP that companies created that solves challenges for their customers.



MGLLC focuses on companies with effective, efficient and experienced teams who smarly solves their  customers problems.



We invest in companies that has created a unique presence that reflect confidence


  • Product Differentiation: Products that solve customer pain points and leverage technology to provide outstanding customer experiences. We prioritize products that are difficult to replicate due to technical differentiation, quality of experience, and/or network effects.

  • Team Strength: Balanced, experienced founding teams with deep domain expertise. We prioritize founders who have intimate knowledge of a problem and how to solve it, developed through Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice concept.

  • Brand Narrative: A company presence that clearly reflects differentiation and purpose to both external audiences and the internal team. We value driven teams with a unique voice and strong conviction, and look for ways your brand expresses this.


  • We value all forms of diversity and consider an inclusive approach to business a key competitive advantage.


  • At MGLLC, the diversity of our backgrounds and collective experiences gives us the cultural and business fluency to drive success among our portfolio companies.

  • Our professional experience includes business development, marketing, academic research, corporate strategy, communications, and non-profit development.

  • Our team, fellows, and advisers have deep personal ties to the communities we aim to serve. We tap into these lived experiences to bring value and know-how to the mission. Our steadfast commitment to the work sharpens our competitive edge.

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